Our Conference Theme Rocks!

Inspired by our host city, Milwaukee, home to the largest music festival in the world, “Generations Remixed” is a theme composed to turn up the volume on intergenerational efforts worldwide!

Generations Remixed 2017 Conference HandoutJust as a musician takes inspiration from many different genres–opera to heavy metal–to create a beautiful new piece, stronger communities, families, and organizations are made by utilizing the value and talents of every age. The soundtrack of this exciting conference will cover a unique mix of topics, ranging from programs that create harmony across generations to critical policies that will rock the future of our nation and around the world.

From the opening act to the encore, this conference will be jam-packed with noteworthy speakers, thought-provoking sessions, opportunities to build connections, and hands-on experiences to see intergenerational strategies in action. The four-day event will put a new spin on how people of all ages can remix their abilities, wisdom and energy into a song that everyone will want to put on repeat. You’ll walk away with a fresh perspective, ready to join the chorus and energize your organizations, communities, and the world to be age-amped!


Check out our share-able conference handout:

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