Generations Remixed’s Trending Topics

The Call for Presentations is now open for Generations Remixed, the 2017 Global Intergenerational Conference.

The conference will showcase the best of intergenerational research, policy and programming. Recognizing the diversity in the intergenerational field, proposal should fall into one of the following areas.

2017 Focus Areas:

Creative Expression: Intergenerational Arts & Creative Programming
From music to storytelling and dance to painting, the arts connect with every generation. This category celebrates the special bonds formed between young and old alike through the human need to create.

Trending Populations: Intergenerational Solutions for Special Populations (Immigrant Families, Rural Communities, etc)
With the 21st century have come massive population shifts, as people set down roots in new nations, and farmers adapt to modern agriculture. Share, network and explore ways intergenerational solutions help these multi-generational families survive and thrive.

Technology Linking Generations
In the age of computers, technology is often seen as reinforcing the generation gap. With a little imagination, youngsters can introduce older adults to all things digital, while learning how to communicate face-to-face with a generation ready to share a lifetime of knowledge and experience. The most innovative technology in the intergenerational field will be shown through this catergory.

About 3% of all children in the U.S. are raised by their grandparents or relatives. Grandfamily-friendly laws and policies that support the needs of children and older adults alike are the focus of workshops in this trending topic.

Lifelong CoLearning & Education
Share programs, curricula and practices that engage all ages in life-long learning. Whether it’s tapping into the value of retired volunteer tutors or college students leading programming at a senior center, all are empowered through the knowledge gathered together.

Communities Composed for All Ages (Intergenerational Shared-sites, Housing & Workforce)
Showcasing examples of communities that give their oldest and youngest members a voice and accessible spaces to fully particpate in the success of their cities and neighborhoods.

Health & Wellness
This category will highlight how intergenerational relationships benefit not just the young and old involved, but also their caregivers, families and the vitality of the community as a whole.

Share your innovative idea or classic older adult child connection. Submit a proposal to present now.

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