Countdown to Generations Remixed! Part 2: Mariano Sanchez

Generations Remixed, the 2017 Global Intergenerational Conference in Milwaukee is less than a year away! We’re getting age-amped about it and so are some of our past conference attendees. For example, long-time conference attendee Mariano Sánchez, Professor of Sociology at the University of Grenada, Spain, is eager for next June 13 to 16 and conference time.

They say good news travels fast—so it’s no surprise that Mariano became involved with the conference entirely from word-of-mouth. Based in Spain, he heard from some of his U.S. colleagues that the biennial Generations United Conference is a “must” event for anyone interested in intergenerational programs. In 1999, a German colleague invited him to attend an international meeting on intergenerational programs. After that he was hooked!

While most of Mariano’s work is focused on training intergenerational practitioners throughout Spain, he is also part of an active international learning community in the field. After experiencing the work of  The Intergenerational School in Cleveland, Ohio, he is working on a pilot project to introduce a new model of intergenerational primary schools in Spain.

He’s excited to be part of the Global Intergenerational Conference and to add an international perspective. If we pay close attention to the word international, he points out, we can see it is just another “inter” word like intergenerational. Both international and intergenerational work involve a vision and a mindset that train people to work across sectors and emphasize connections and shared values.

Mariano has attended several Global Intergenerational Conferences and says all of them inspired him. He particularly remembers the speech given by Mary C. Bateson, the keynote of Generations United’s 2011 conference. Hearing that speech was a major moment in his career, both as an intergenerational researcher and practitioner. Another memorable conference moment was co-facilitating a workshop  with colleagues Nancy Henkin and Alan Hatton-Yeo about the collective impact intergenerational community endeavors can have.

Looking forward to next year’s conference, Mariano is excited to once again be fully immersed in discussions and examples of great intergenerational work. For him, learning about cutting-edge innovations in the field is always a good reason to attend the biennial gathering.

Mariano views these conferences as a unique way to nourish his intergenerational research and practice. For him, Generations United conferences are the top international opportunity to meet intergenerational specialists of all ages. Plus, they give him the chance to be connected to a huge global movement that is working to create a better intergenerational world.

Want to feel as inspired as Mariano? Register here for the 2017 Generations Remixed Conference!

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