Help us bring grandparent caregivers to the conference

“…the [Generations United] Conference…[was] a chance for both [my granddaughter] and I to present. This is one of the best things that have happened to me since parenting the 2nd time. Thank you for giving me/us the chance to be heard.” -Helen, Kinship Navigator, Washington State

Generations United’s conference provides a chance for grandparent caregivers, like Helen, to be heard, connect with other caregivers and take part in high caliber learning opportunities that empower grandparent caregivers to make changes in their communities when they return home.

Our $5,000 fundraising goal for grandfamily scholarships is far from the $4 billion that grandparents and other relatives save taxpayers each year by raising children and keeping them out of foster care.

We need your help to reach our grandfamily scholarship goalYour donationwill go directly to support grandfamily caregivers and young people in grandfamilies participation in Generations United’s Global Intergenerational Conference, from June 12-14, in Portland, OR.

Help give them what Helen called “one of the best things …since parenting the 2nd time.” Donate today.

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